Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Bike Commuting Interlude

I've been out of the bike commuting game for two and a half years now, so why do I keep writing this blog? Because I still think of myself as a bike commuter, despite everything. Why else would I have just spent $150 to get my geriatric bike up to snuff yet again? At 8 years and 28,000 miles my old Specialized Crossroads still has some game left. And now it has new pedals and handlebar grips as well!

Even if my commuting situation doesn't change, I've still got some ideas for the old girl. My son-in-law has turned out to be a bike-riding FIEND and we're making very preliminary plans for a cross-country ride in a couple years, once he's established as a high-school teacher with an enviable summer schedule. Until then I still have the option of biking to Edmonds for a cozy train ride to work. Nothing stays the same forever - I'll be back in the saddle one way or another before too long.

In the meantime I read all the bike blogs, vote for bike-friendly politicians, and keep my Cascade Bicycle Club membership up to date. I'm idling, not petering out. Just wait, you'll see.