Monday, December 14, 2009

Interurban Trail - Where Are You?

On a recent day off from work my wife and I decided to check out the Interurban Trail north of Seattle. According to maps obtainable here, the trail runs continuously from just north of Lake Ballinger in Mountlake Terrace all the way up to Everett. Sounded like fun.

We easily found the south end of the trail and jumped on. It took us through some pretty woodsy areas and past the outdoor batting cages of Funtasia on 220th. Then, after only a mile or so, it abruptly ended on 212th. No signs were posted anywhere suggesting where we should go next.

So we worked our way north on side streets, hoping to intercept the trail again at some point. Unfortunately I hadn't brought a map with me, so it was pure guesswork, and by lunch time we still hadn't found it.

After lunch we headed back by a different route and happened across a different section of the trail purely by accident. We hopped on, and in less than a mile it too ended, again with no signage of any kind. But we recognized where we were, and this time we were able to navigate along the streets (two left turns and then a right) to the first segment of the trail we had ridden.

Alright, I know this Interurban Trail is still a work in progress, but does no one in Lynnwood have any concept of helpful signage? If not, I suggest you take an educational tour of the Burke-Gilman trail and note all the helpful signs posted along the way.

We hope to give it another try some time this month, and this time I'll take a map with me. It feels a little like leaving civilization and embarking on a quest, like Lewis and Clark's search for a route to the Pacific. I'll make sure to have a camera along to record our adventure. Wish us luck!